Lens and Lens Care Products Offered by Ciba

As a accessory of Novartis, Ciba Vision is headquartered in the Johns Creek Technology Park at Atlanta, George. For abounding years, Ciba Vision has been one of the arch brands in the acquaintance lens community. Accession actuality is that the aggregation still conducts analysis and development of acquaintance lenses. Present now, Ciba Vision has accustomed a acclaimed name, contributed by its acid bend technology as able-bodied as top superior articles in altered accepted series.

Currently, Ciba maintains a advanced ambit of lens and lens affliction products. Nearly all types of patients who wish to ask acquaintance lenses for advice can acquisition a akin artefact from Ciba Vision. These accepted Ciba articles prevailing about the apple can action the a lot of abundance to their customers. This is the primary acumen why Ciba can allure such a differing ambit of patients.

Ciba produces circadian lenses, continued lenses, black lenses, astigmatic lenses and so on. There are altered curve of articles in these types. O2OPTIX lenses from Ciba are high-oxygen, breathable lenses. Accession blazon of high-oxygen band is alleged NIGHT & DAY which can endure up to 30 connected nights. Ciba Vision aswell provides circadian disposable acquaintance lenses beneath the band of Focus DAILIES.

The AIR OPTIX AQUA lenses are accession ambit offered by Ciba. This latest band uses a altered damp abettor to anoint the lens for antecedent comfort, alms acute user comfort. In addition, the actual of this ambit aswell contributes to the damp balance. Like the Focus line, the AIR OPTIX AQUA alternation aswell incorporates a bland apparent which offers best attrition to deposits and debris.

Ciba aswell articles lenses for astigmatic patients. Made of a silicone hydro gel material, the AIR OPTIX for amaurosis eyes offers the accomplished oxygen manual a part of all bendable toric lenses.

Except for altered curve of acquaintance lenses, Ciba produces some lens affliction products, such as AQuify Multi-Purpose Solution and Clear Care.